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Garry Benfold
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Garry was discovered by a tribe of pygmies while they were travelling through the backcountry of Consett on their way towards East Stanley. He was left with a well-meaning family to be raised to adulthood, a milestone he has almost entirely given up on reaching. He was “educated” at the histerical institution then known as Stanley Comprehensive, come for the lead paint and stay for the asbestos. His musical tastes range far and wide, from Canadian hip hop to Canadian metal, via Canadian pop and rock. He can be often be found at, where for four days a week he shows just how little he knows about both music and journalism. He also helps to produce a monthly music podcast for a cookie-obsessed hairy host that is seldom seen wearing pants, Wild Raccoon.

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Dave Clarke


I’m Dave Clarke and a huge music fan, particularly lndie, Rap and Metal - not so much a fan of the Monkeydonk but will never write a particular genre off completely.
I’ve been going to music festivals since my first one at 17 when I packed all my mates in my Bedford van and headed off to Glastonbury, where Blur and Pulp were battling for the Britpop crown. The Lemonheads and Rage Against the Machine made that weekend memorable, even more than the famous ‘river of sewerage’ that tried to take our tent.
I’m a committed Vegan so expect a sprinkling of the Smiths and Morrissey as you fancifully fry your flesh.
As well as doing radio, I’m a director and trustee of two charities, including an animal rescue charity.
In my spare time I like to do a bit Policing. Party on dudes

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Tim Boot


Ion dudes

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Tammy Rae Robinson

Hello lovely’s, I’m Tammy I’m 30 and I live in the DH9 area I’m a presenter that plays music from the 60s to now.


I love music have since I could remember and it’s always been a life long dream to do radio and here I am living g the dream playing as many songs as I can in a hour so I don’t have to talk much still a bit nervous about that part but bare with me I’m gaining confidence with every show hope you enjoy my shows and have a good sing song while listening.

I also like to play local artists to get them out there so if you are a local artist get in touch!! Happy listening.

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Mark Cummings

Your in my spot and Dance 22.

Hi Guys its Mark here.  Its great being new on DH9. Especially as I get to work from home. Ive lived in the post code for years and now I've been let loose on the radio. I'm not sure they know what they're doing. I've mates in the music business who keep me up to date but I'll always keep the surprises coming with my 1hour specials which sometimes stretch to 2 hours. Id love to hear from you via the website thingy. Music I love, tech not so much!!!! Send some requests in and my producer will make sure I don't ignore them. DH9 is such a cool station to work on. I mean come on. You have Garry Benfold and his tribe of Pygmies. Keep in touch. Id love to hear from you. You can hear my dulcet tones on a Tuesday and Thursday 3 until 5 daytime and now Wednesday nights from 10 until 12 midnight. Oh and yeah, that's me on the left.

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Charlie Forbes

I joined my first band in the sixties in Perth Scotland. When I moved to Aberdeen i was involved with many musicians in a booming music scene created by the oil industry. Work took me away from music until we moved to London in the eighties where my pal was getting recognition and he dragged me into his support team whilst holding down a high pressured job. I gained an incredible knowledge of the industry and had a great time from making records to live shows, TV, Radio, met lots of famous people and became friends with some exceptionally talented musicians of the day. In the 90's we moved back to Scotland and got involved in the DJ Scene which led me to radio. I retired then moved back to England to look after our grandchild. Took ill ended up in hospital for a while, the radio left something to be desired, so I signed up.  I joined DH9 Radio in 2020 after talking to Bryan on Facebook, and decided to make a weekly rock show.

Phil Graham.jpg

Phil Graham

My Show brings you a good mash-up of assorted rock and metal from across the decades. Im a die hard rocker, having bounced around the country with my two band for the past 10 years! If you like an eclectic mix of the rock genre from the heavy to the mellow and from the progressive and the classic to the rnodern and downright bizarre, check out The Mosh Pit on DH9 Radio every monday at 9.00pm. Repeated at the same time every Thursday.


Bryan F Irving/DJ Ghost has been a club and events DJ for over 20 years and has more than a decade of experience as a radio presenter.
He is passionate about radio drama and audio plays.  As 'Ghost' he hosts our late night show of ghost stories and Gothic horror.  He also hosts 'As time Goes goes by' (Music from the 1920s to the 1960s) and shows showcasing alternative music form post-punk and cold wave to rock and industrial

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The Illuminerds


Grown adults who spend their spare time playing with toy soldiers, watching films, playing video games and playing advanced forms of let's pretend, the Illuminerdy pannel are often joined by like-minded guests as they talk about all things Nerdy or geeky.

From tabletop RPGs and wargames to Fantasy and SF books and films the Panel are hosted by Bryan F Irving, who must enjoy herding cats.

Each week the host is joined by some of the various illuminerds.  Regular panellists include; Louise Marry Morris, Pattrick Heaviside, and Shaun McGuile, with regular guest  Jenni Saveall occasional guests.


Darren McMahon.

Darren is a founding member of DH9 Radio, having written the original funding bid that saw the creation of the PACT House studio, followed soon after by the launch of DH9 community radio station.


A lover of music and player of Fender guitars, Fender Telecasters to be more accurate, he has taken his time at DH9 Radio is indulge and expand his musical knowledge and tastes. Darren says “Music is my go to in life, soundtracking my days, marking many of the best and worst times in my life. I’m a lover of live music and travel extensively to enjoy a live musical experience. From Delta Blues to Heavy Metal, I do love guitar-driven music but, in all honesty, if I like it I like it regardless.


A shameless music tourist, Memphis walking in the footsteps of my heroes, to Whitley Bay standing where Hendrix once stood, sitting on the sidewalk in Indianola where BB King first performed and collecting water from the Mississippi River to bring home, forever, a piece of the Delta. Electric Lady Land to The Dock of the Bay, visiting places a, where amazing music was inspired and created just gives me a buzz! Music is always on my mind and buzzing round my brain, so being part of DH9 Radio is an indulgent wonder for me”.

Kevin Moor promo.jpg

Kevin Moor

Kevin has been a music fan for 4 decades. The first album he bought was Parallel Lines by Blondie which he still has on cassette He has a wide breadth of musical taste and knowledge, and likes many types of bands from Black Sabbath to the Pet Shop Boys.  He is an avid cd and vinyl collector.


Jeff Newton


From my first record “A kind of hush” by Hermans Hermits to my first Cassette “Slade in Flame to my first CD “Dark side of the moon” music has always been a part of my life. For running, relaxing and as a background to life in general. Having lived abroad in Germany for over 30 years and travelled to a few different continents in between I found it doesn’t matter what language people sing in there is great music everywhere, hence the birth of “The Foreign Exchange”. I do have a few favourites such as Ultravox with John Foxx as singer but I like everything from Chicago blues to Country. I am really enjoying putting together and presenting the show for DH9 Radio.

Wild Racoon.jpg

Wild Raccoon

Wild Raccoon is a simple creature that can often be found in his tiny studio based in a small utility closet in a corner of the Toronto PATH system, not far from his beloved the CBC, sharing his equal love for Canadian Indie Music and Cookies with anybody willing to listen, and even to some of those that are not.

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Simma Singer

Simma is a musician and writer from Newcastle. Formerly a  presenter at BBC Radio Newcastle, he’s been entertaining audiences around the North East since the late 90’s. He’s performed all around the North of England and Scotland, as well as a couple of lighting trips to Europe, as a singer, a poet and a front man for the Too Far North band. He’s released two albums (Trouble Sleeping / Lychnobite), various EPs and a book (Last Night I Married The Audience).


He’s run gigs under the banner of Acoustic Circus for nearly twenty years, showcasing and supporting up and coming talent in the region. He’s obsessed with music, especially songwriters, and sometimes gets to work with his all-time heroes Lindisfarne. 

AuntGravity-Pic-01_1 (2).jpg

Spermy the Spaceman

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