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Tales From Beyond A Darkened Sky

Each week the mysterious entity known as "Ghost" returns to haunt the airwaves, bringing with it more mysterious stories of the supernatural and the macabre to entertain you.

Tales From Beyond A Darkened Sky showcases the best in horror audio drama from around the world and from the golden age of radio to the modern day.

Hosted by "Ghost" each episode brings 2 (usually) full cast audio dramas to the airwaves.

If you would like to have your audio drama aired on Tales From Beyond A Darkened sky, email and include TFBADS in he subject line.

Note that not every episode of this show is available On Demand.  In some cases licences were only granted to air the plays on a given episode at time of broadcast and excluded offering it in an On Demand format.  Where this is thee case, that episode does not appear in the On Demand section.

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